Embedded System Projects 2017
1. Wireless sensor based Smart Irrigation System
2. Smart Irrigation System Using Morphological operations
3. IOT based Smart Irrigation System
4. IOT based Animal health monitoring
5. Accident detection and Alerting System
6. Energy efficient Assisting Physical (Hydro) Therapy with Wireless Sensors Networks
7. Automatic Horn in Vehicles
8. Wireless technology based Blood Leakage Monitoring System for Hemodialysis Therapy using Zigbee
9. Web Server based Bus Detection
10. Path Follower Robot with no collision mechanism
11. Car parking vacancy availability finder
12. Detection of Possibility of Cardiovascular diseases using ECG sensor
13. Bus location Finder using RFID technology
14. IOT based energy management in homes
15. Detection of pit holes and humps on roads
16. Memory card data copier using LIFI technology
17. Automatic GSM based LPG Booking and LPG leakage detection System
18. Vehicle locator using GSM technology
19. School Children Tracking system for parents and teachers
20. Smart Parking and Theft detection system
21. Parents TV Controller
22. Automatic projector tilting according to vehicle direction
23. RFID based patient monitoring system
24. Holes and humps detection with GPS locator in Raspberry Pi.
25. Security Camera with E-mail alerts.
26. Driver safety system with helmet and heart rate monitoring and speed control.
27. Plant growth analysis with machine learning.
28. Smart card and barcode based toll collection system.
29. Density based traffic control system with ambulance detection.
30. A novel voc monitoring system using Zigbee.
31. Automatic path finder during fire accidents using Raspberry Pi.
32. LED Driver project.
33. Load Balancing.
34. Data logging system using sensors.
35. Real time clock using gas sensors.