Web mining is an application of data mining techniques to find information patterns from the web data. Web mining helps to improve the power of web search engine by identifying the web pages and classifying the web documents. Web mining is very useful to e-commerce websites and e-services.


1. Creating ontology For intelligent web by using web usage mining

2.Pre fetching Web Pages for Improving user Access Latency using Integrated Web Usage Mining.

3. Commodity Search System for Online Shopping Based on Ontology and Web Mining

4. Analysis of Web Mining Technology and Their Impact on Semantic Web .

5. Online Learning, Web Mining and Quality Assurance

6. Context-Dependency Relation Extraction Based on Web Mining

7. Information Extraction Using Web Usage Mining, Web Scrapping and Semantic Annotation

8. Research on Hotspot Topic Discovery Algorithm Based on Web Mining Technology

9. Some observations on migration from data mining to web mining

10. Converting strangers to clients using web mining techniques